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Dental Practice Marketing

In growing your dental practice marketing, you should know five core things or what we call “fundamentals”. These fundamentals are vital to help you achieve success in your dental practice marketing. And this is something we focus specifically at our dental practice marketing website!

Now, in growing your dental practice marketing, you need to stick with these five fundamentals: (1) attract patients; (2) get patients to accept treatment; (3) reactivate patients; (4) get referrals; and (5) get patients to choose more services.

Fundamental 1: Attract Patients!

In dental practice marketing, your job is to create a constant stream of specific high quality new patients in your practice. For me, if you are attracting the precise type of patients in your practice, who accept your treatment recommendations (and they refer as well), then that is what I call a good start! Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the business, you always have to keep new fresh patients coming into your practice.

Fundamental 2: Get Patients To Accept Treatment

Getting patients to accept your treatments can at times be a challenge in dental practice marketing. To achieve this, first is to develop empathy with your patients ( this is perhaps the most important skill you will need in the business); second, win your patient’s confidence and trust; and third, present treatment to the patient, and in the process let the patients choose and accept the treatment.

Fundamental 3: Reactivate Patients

The inactive and unfinished treatment base is the hidden goldmine within your practice. So, what I do is I advise my clients to go after this hidden goldmine. How do you do this in dental practice marketing? You can: send out 3-step to 4-step direct mail campaign; offer your patients credits towards any cosmetic dentistry (whitening,etc); do voice broadcast to your patient’s home or phone calls (which really works tremendously); and use e-mails as a multimedia approach.

Fundamental 4: Get Referrals

The next important thing to remember in dental practice marketing is to get referrals. Create a referral system that gets you to bring a flood of referrals into your practice. Now, if the referral system is based on your own efforts alone, then you do not have a true system in place. Always remember that a great referral system is a system that is team-generated and team-oriented. The team itself has a responsibility and accountability for those results.

Fundamental 5: Get Patients To Choose More Services

In dental practice marketing, you should get existing patients to choose more services from you. It doesn’t matter whether you do an Invisalign, implants, TMJ, veneers, etc.What I advise my clients to do is that if they have new services, pick one or two services a month that they want to promote through their newsletter or postcard or even e-mail. It is important that you make sure that you remind your patients of the other services that you have. By doing this, you get more patients to choose more of your services, and also you get more word of mouth by just talking to your existing patients about the services that you have and the problems they solve!

With these 5 fundamentals or core values stated, I guarantee you that you’ll be on your road to success in your dental practice marketing. All you need to do is stick with these fundamentals on a monthly basis, and you’re going to win the game!