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Tips For Choosing the Best Dental Teeth Whitening Free Trial Offer

Unfortunately, there are so many competing products and so many desperate people who want white teeth, that advertising isn’t always 100% true (I think we ALL know this). That’s why, when I bought Alta White I did NOT expect my teeth to end up an unnatural shade of white. I knew that with my natural tooth color that just wasn’t possible.

Now, there’s a whole range of natural tooth shades. Some people seem naturally blessed with whiter teeth. Other people have much more yellowish or greyish teeth. This isn’t necessarily due to anything other than their own genetics! Sad but true, unfortunately. Now, if you’ve got pretty white teeth that just happen to be a little bit stained by perhaps smoking, coffee drinking, too much red wine etc. etc. then you’ll probably get a good result from most commercial whitening products. They don’t really have to work THAT hard to improve your teeth. This is true for Alta White as it is for any other product. The main reason I’d recommend Alta White over others is that it’s much more gentle and natural (no harsh bleaches for example).

If, however, your teeth are naturally quite yellow or greyish, then no over the counter whitening product will give you a movie star smile. That’s a FACT and don’t let anyone try and persuade you otherwise. Using Alta White will definitely improve the appearance of your teeth, however. It will remove stains and make your teeth as white as they can look naturally, without veneers or expensive laser treatments or whatever else your dentist can offer.

I really believe in the Alta White teeth whitening system, as it worked for me FAR better than other bleaches and teeth whitening treatments I have used in the past. All Alta White ingredients are safe and natural, and your tooth enamel won’t be damaged by the use of Alta White (I think this is very important).

So, my Alta White review is, I believe, positive overall. Alta White DOES whiten and clean teeth, it works well if you use it consistently for the necessary amount of time. However, it WON’T whiten your teeth as much as a laser treatment or as much as veneers. This is only to be expected, however!

As for your question if Alta White is the best teeth whitening product to whiten your teeth at home, you can only find out yourself if you try it out.