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The Growing Scope of Digital Services in Healthcare

Healthcare industry is an indispensable part of every civilized human. In urban areas people fall sick of pollution and careless lifestyle whereas in rural areas people fall sick of lack of basic health facilities and awareness. In both cases, people seek the solution from healthcare industry. Technology has been touching every hemisphere of all the industries, but to make healthcare industry fully digital, it’ll still take some time to go!

Talking about the urban lifestyle, people are too indulged to take a halt and monitor their daily habits that are leading them towards a poor physical and mental health. People these days barely get enough time to even consult a doctor or go to a pharmacy to get some advice or even over the counter medicines. To their rescue, technology has finally stepped into the healthcare sector and started a digitization revolution around it. Almost every urban Indian carries a mobile device and an internet connection. To their rescue, several software firms have launched healthcare applications that can be downloaded to the mobile devices for free. This will take only a couple of minutes for a user to download an app and sign in as a participant or consumer.

HeyCare, a recently launched healthcare app in India, has provided a sigh of relief to its users in the Gurgaon region. The software application is very easy to use as it is developed using the very easy and advanced User Interface. It is loaded with several unmatched and useful features that are guaranteed to help the users to a great extent. It is the fastest growing medicine delivery app that delivers all the prescribed medicines and wellness products at the doorstep of the consumer.

Some other salient features of the app are:

  • Care Wallet : Ever wonder what if your money could multiply in your wallet? Well, HeyCare has made it possible and provides upto 40% extra every time you put money in the Care wallet! Not just this, HeyCare often runs several deals and coupons to provide extra perks to its valued customers. We bet that this feature will win your heart in the first sight!
  • Pill Reminder : No more fuss about reminding your dosage time and quantity. Just fetch the information with the name of your medicines, timings, dosages and other details in the app and it will give you a gentle reminder for your medicine dosage and time. You can add as many medicines and wellness products to the app and enjoy a carefree life.
  • Vaccination Reminder : You love your babies and so does the HeyCare which is why it offers aVaccination Reminder to remind you of your baby’s vaccination prior days it is scheduled. Just enter the name, age and other details and you are good to go!
  • Doorstep delivery by Certified Pharmacist : Medicines and health needs to be taken care of with great caution. With healthcare comes responsibility which is why at HeyCare we assure that you get only the best. The orders placed through HeyCare gets delivered by certifies pharmacists to your doorstep who can also offer extra information and help about healthcare when asked for.

With today’s busy schedules and growing health issues, HeyCare has become a must have app for a better and healthier lifestyle. HeyCare is available for download at Google Play Store.