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How to improve health

How to improve health

health covers physical and mental well being; it is a condition of absence of any illness that forces you to be either in bed or in hospital. It is absence of any unmanageable ailments. When we say, “unmanageable”, what is manageable? For one with hypertension, keeping blood pressure fairly under control by medication or otherwise is “manageable”. For one with diabetes, keeping the amount of sugar in blood by diet control or by medication is “manageable”.

From an unsatisfactory health condition or from a manageable health condition, if you want to know how to improve health, you should basically look into 4 aspects of your habits and lifestyle.

a) Your eating habits

b) Your exercising habits

c) Your lifestyle and

d) Your spiritual bend of mind

Let us look into each of the above in detail:

a) Your eating habits

Are you a heavy eater or a poor eater? Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian? Are you the one who succumbs to the demands of the tongue or your stomach? Are you a timely eater or one who gobble up things as and when convenient without looking at the clock? Are you a disciplined eater who picks and chooses or one who can lay hands on anything edible?

To improve health through food, nothing can be achieved without self-discipline and a working knowledge about what is good nutrition and what is a balanced A balanced food is something which contains the basic and essential mix of carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and roughage in right proportions. If you are ignorant on this, get that knowledge first. This article will become too large if you want to learn about which-contains-what here.

Aside the above, here are some generic guidelines for good eating habits:

1) Do not skip breakfast. A sumptuous breakfast with right mix of nutrients goes a long way in giving a good energy for the whole day, without causing you worry about obesity.

2) Never eat to your stomach’s full. Fill you stomach only to 50 to 65 percent of its full capacity at any meal time. The rest of the space is for drinking water and to allow gases of digestion to escape.

3) Take adequate water and fluids.

4) Do not succumb to munching something in between meal times.

5) Switch over to vegetarianism if you can really manage it. Indian saints are very emphatic that vegetarianism is the best not only for good health, but also for one’s spiritual upliftment. Spiritual upliftment contributes indirectly to good health – both physical and mental.

6) Avoid or minimize eating out in hotels, restaurants and fast food joints and maximize eating home made food.

7) If you are a non-vegetarian, do not experiment with eating any un-familiar or exotic meat products.

8) Know the food restrictions applicable to your health condition (example diabetes) and never yield to temptations.

9) If you over-eat at one meal time, reduce your intake in the next meal time.

10) Do not eat without feeling hungry.

11) Leave your stomach empty at least at one dinner time in every week. If you are not the type who cannot skip a meal totally, take some fruits and drink a glass of milk instead.

12) Avoid or drastically reduce taking alcoholic drinks.

13) Discontinue drinking any form of aerated soft drinks.

b) Your exercising habits

1) Never get tempted to do vigorous exercises that are popular and currently fads, if they are not suited to your body type and your inherent stamina. For example, jogging is not for moderately or heavily obese people.

2) Never succumb to the laziness of not doing any exercise at all.

3) Regular and brisk walking is by far the best, most effective and least complicated form of exercise suited to people of both sex, of all ages and body shapes.

4) Utilize every opportunity to get exercise in your normal daily activities. Walk up the stairs without waiting for the lift if it’s two to four floors and if you can walk up that much without any strain. Take a bicycle to the nearby market instead of using your car.

5) If your health conditions do not permit doing brisk physical exercises, learn yoga under a trained guru and practice such of those yogasanas that can suit your age, sex, body condition and health status.

c) Your lifestyle

1) Socialize less. Party less. Eat out less. Avoid mingling with opposite sex.

2) Travel less.

3) Stretch yourself less – whether it is overstaying at the office, or giving company to your friends or volunteering help to others unasked.

4) If you fly in air, switch over to running on the ground. If you run, switch over to walking. Consciously slow down. Reduce your ambitions. Reduce your hankering behind wealth, power, status, sex and any ill conceived notions about “success” in life that makes you restless.

d) Your spirituality

1) Inquire within yourself: ” What is the meaning of this life?”

2) Review your past and present as a third person objectively and honestly try to question your past actions, beliefs, convictions etc and try to get answers on how much things were within your control and how much they were under the inscrutable influence of a force much above you (God).

3) If you are getting an inkling that your poor health (both physical and mental) is attributable to your lack of spirituality or a lack of faith in a higher force, think of ways to get solutions to your basic attitude problems. Read books on spirituality. Seek the help of a true spiritual master ( a Guru) who can guide you to “higher things” in life.

Tips For Beginners-Health and Fitness

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Tips for Pregnant Women for a Healthy Wealthy Baby

Pregnancy is a gift of nature that a woman is blessed with. After marriage pregnancy is a very important step in a woman’s life. As this period starts, the mother needs to take care of the baby both mentally and physically. Any stress or unhappiness in her life has a direct impact on the baby in her womb. So pregnant mothers should keep their mind filled with good feelings and body fit, so that the baby gets a healthy atmosphere to grow in.

Here are some health tips for pregnant women, going through a beautiful phase of pregnancy.

  1. Don’t get angry, jealous or disappointed. Life is not a bed of roses, take it in a stride. Avoid quarrels with your hubby over unimportant topics. They can have a negative impact on the baby.
  2. Take keen interest in reading religious and spiritual books. They help calm your nerves and provide inner peace – a must for your baby.
  3. Avoid spicy food. Instead eat healthy, vegetarian and a balanced diet. Green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein are a must in your diet. Lack of these may cause diseases.
  4. Don’t take drugs as it leads to miscarriage.
  5. Take proper rest and avoid long journeys.
  6. Any exercise during pregnancy should be done with the advice of a doctor. Wrong exercises may lead to unnecessary complications and harm the child.
  7. Get a Proper check up done every month. Monitor your weight regularly and make sure it’s kept under check. Keep a record of your blood group, haemoglobin, sugar and blood pressure.
  8. To know the proper growth of the baby ultra sound should be done.

Tips to stay healthy this summer

Every season is welcomed at its arrival, however, it’s extremities are not really appreciated. It is because extremities affect Human health adversely as the human body is designed to be normal only under moderate conditions. Summers especially are harder to resist for Indians and hence, here are some tips to face summer.

First, we will know the Diseases caused due to the extreme heat and then learn their cures. Summers accompany problems like sunburns and strokes, Boils, sore throat, allergies and food poisoning. Sometimes dreadful diseases like typhoid, cholera, jaundice and dysentery are also caused in these hot days. Infections spread easily in summers due to which chicken pox and measles are also seen. Keeping in mind just the following easy home remedies can help you escape from these hazardous problems and keep you fresh and hygienic throughout summers.

1. First of all, summer is all about the sun. It’s all dry and so to prevent the dryness, you need to stay hydrated throughout. Water is the best medium of Hydrating your body throughout. Try to increase the liquid intake in your diet. Other drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, juices and coconut water can also help. Also, during summers, we live to have cool and sweet things but that does not mean we need to get a soda or juice every time we are thirsty. If you do so, it’s going to adversely affect you by increasing the auger content in your body leading to other diseases. So try to limit the intake of too many sodas and juices and prefer water over them.

2. Next thing after hydration is food. Try to eat fruits and fiber rich food more. The diet should usually be decreased as your digestive system slows down in summers. Try to drink more and eat less. You normally do not feel like having your meals and intend to skip but that can lead to faintness and acidity. You need to eat fiber rich food in summers.

3. Clothes, as far as summer is concerned, should be light weighed. Cotton clothes are the best summer wear. At least for the children, summer clothes should be the coolest and light weighed as they are on a continuous move regardless of seasons.

4. To avoid sunstrokes and tanning cover your skin with scarfs and hats when you go out during afternoons. Hair fall is also one of the problems largely faced during summers. So do not forget to cover your hair before going in the sun. Also for protecting your skin, use a good sunscreen or lotion to avoid tanning.

5. Exercise daily to keep you body strong and fit. Yoga is a must to be included in your daily exercise schedule to keep your body and mind calm and peaceful. The coolness of mind is equally important as that of the body. Yoga does that both. Try to meditate for at least 15-20 minutes per day.

6. Try to avoid outside foods in order to avoid stomach infections and food poisoning. Also, do not eat stale food as the Bacteria thrive in a warm and moist environment which increases the risks of infection and illness. Prefer fresh and homemade food over spicy outside one.

7. Try to be at a cool and calm place and avoid going out in the sun as much as you can. Avoid working in the sun and be under roof.

8. Proper rest is also necessary. Try to get home early from work and be with family. Outings in the evening are fun in summers. Get a good night’s sleep to avoid dark circles.

These eight simple tips can keep you and you family summer proof, and help you enjoy summers to the maximum.